Privacy Policy

The respects the privacy of visitors to your site and takes care to protect its information.

This privacy policy is to provide the information we collect and how we can use it as well as the security standards adopted to protect your identity and personal data.


Personal data

All data collected by the is information provided voluntarily by the client. The information is gathered when the client makes a candid and spontaneous application or a request to .

Send a spontaneous Application Account or tar the will request personal information, such as   name, e- mail and / or account information , whenever the customer submits a question or suggestion using the link "Spontaneous application" or "tos account" in site Home.

Other information collected automatically collects information whenever someone visits your   site . The obtains information from the user's computer and gives it a " cookie " when someone visits your   site . This data is not provided by the user client - it is collected automatically as a means of facilitating connections to our   site   and its use.

We use   Cookies   and other similar technologies to facilitate and record which services   that uses   in our   site . These technologies can also be used when sending HTML emails.

Cookie and other internet technologies

We collect information from your computer in order to evaluate the effectiveness of our content.   site   and its use. These data allow us to improve the use of   site by optimizing the navigation within the   site   and develop programs and content in accordance with the interests of our customers and users of the site .

Use of cookies uses three types of cookies:

 - Simple Cookies : This type of cookie is used to track the user's travel through the site during a visit to the site. These cookies are required for the site to function efficiently, but are not used to identify you personally. Simple cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted when you leave the site.

- Persistent Cookies : This type of cookie is used to identify users whenever they use the site. These cookies are not essential for the proper functioning of the site but can optimize their use. We do not collect personal data with these cookies , but are given a unique number that identifies that user when he / she enters the site of . Persistent cookies remain on the computer until they are deleted by the user.

- Other third party cookies or cookies : other companies and services use our website for advertising purposes. You may from time to time receive cookies sent by these companies / services. We have no control over the sending of these cookies.

The browser on the user's computer, or other software installed, may restrict the use of simple cookies, persistent cookies, or any other type of cookie. If you choose not to allow the use of simple cookies, you may not be able to use our sites or certain features of our HTML email messages. If you choose to allow simple cookies, but not the use of persistent cookies, you can enjoy all the features of our sites and HTML emails; however you will need to re-enter your data every time you start a new session on our sites or you want to open an HTML email message.

Both simple and persistent cookies can be used in the emails we send.


In addition to cookies, some of our web pages and HTML messages are "pixel tags " that allow us to follow the steps of the users on our sites and the recipients of our communications. These markers are used to collect data, not identifiable as personal, that help us determine other information that can be used to improve the services we offer our customers.

Information about the user's computer obtains technical information from the user's computer whenever the user requests a page, when visiting the website This information is obtained through the user's browser and may include different data such as: IP address, used system operator, Internet search software (eg Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer), monitor resolution and reference sites.

How we use the data we collect

The information collected by may be used to:
Respond to questions or suggestions submitted by the customer
Recruitment of employees
Optimize visits to our site

Answer to questions or suggestions
We will use your email address or phone number to respond to any question or suggestion that may be submitted to us.

Recruitment of employees
We will use the data to do an first selection of your applications, and subsequent contact for interview and or contract.

Contacts Home

Submit questions / suggestions to
You can ask for help or send a question through   link   "Contacts " in the site - we will use your   email or phone number to respond.

Links to other websites

On the site may contain several links that link to other Internet sites, which are not governed by the privacy policies of the By clicking on these links and navigate to other sites, the privacy practices of are no longer applicable. We therefore recommend that you carefully read the privacy statements of any site in connection with the collection, processing and disclosure of your personal data.


How we store and protect personal data collected - Data Protection

We want our members and users of our site have confidence in using the site to make your applications, and for that reason we strive to protect all the information we collect. is a site safe within the environment online . Our systems are configured with data encryption technologies and standard   firewall . By sending information to through the Internet, your data is protected by SSL technology (" Secure Socket Layer "), which ensures secure transmission of information.


Rectification, deletion or modification or updating of personal information

If you wish, you can choose to delete all your personal information from our database. If you wish, you can also unsubscribe, delete or modify your personal information.

The consent of the data subject

By using our website you confirm that you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms and Conditions. If you do not concord and the terms of our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions, it is requested that does not provide us with personal information and stop using on our web site.

The data subject also has the right to receive a copy of your personal information in our possession.

Privacy policy

The online privacy policy applies only to information collected through our website and not to information collected offline.

Our account to

If you have any questions or comments regarding our website and / or our privacy policy, please write them to [email protected].