Angel's Bay

The Angel’s Bay is one of the most famous bars of the archipelago, for its dynamism and quality. In this space, a friendly and attentive service is always available, for the comfort and satisfaction of the client. It presents a whole year events calendar, with a strong focus on live music and, at the end of the week , it’s complemented by the presence of DJ's.

The Angel’s Bay presents one of the most mythical terraces of the Azores, both for its size as well as for its environs with the magical ambience provided by its proximity to the marina of Portas do Mar and its unique location, close to the heart of the city of Ponta Delgada. Being in the Angel’s Bay Terrace also means getting involved in the live or recorded live ambient music and the relaxed and cheerful ambience of the space.

Our menu, untangling the local product. We serve light meals such as toast, nails or crepes, and we have an extensive range of hot and cold drinks as well as elaborate and complete meals in our Yacht Club restaurant.

Because of its unique characteristics, Angel’s Bay is already a mark of success in the region and a reference in its country and abroad. It is in Baía dos Anjos that sailors, tourists, students, friends, colleagues and families meet, creating memories and telling stories with us and by our side.


Portas do Mar, loja 22 9500-770 Ponta Delgada São Miguel, Açores
T: (+351) 296 284 231
E: [email protected]


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Monday to Sunday
08 AM to 04 PM


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